bicycles designed for urban riding and commuting




Design, size and paint work 


Integrated rear light 


Saddle and handlebar wrap


 Special security screws


Composite fork 


the track

theTRACK model was designed to be fast, light and reliable. It comes with a chain transmission that will never let you down. Ride it hard and it gets even better, because the drivetrain responds in a split second at your leg demands. It comes with a standard flip-flop hub and 70mm aero rim which is going to help you get to high speeds, let you coast when you want to enjoy the sights, and skid like a champ!

THe roadster

The Roadster is custom handmade bike with top brand parts. It is equipped with Cristian Cycles signature frame no2 in high quality Italian steel and silver brazed. It is designed for urban commuters who are looking for a stylish, lightweight and comfortable bike for trips around town. It comes with a belt transmission which is maintenance free and incredibly silent. 

Bicycles for business

If you looking for a custom design for your company bicycles to show to your customers that you encourage cycling than you came to the right place. Customizing and upgrading a standard model or build something unique. The mission is to design and build beautiful and intimately aligned with your company aesthetics and values or practical or wild. Contact us.


Cristian Gidinceanu

Cristian Gidinceanu

designer and frame builder

I learned how to ride on my father’s bike, old and heavy, steel frame, one speed. Later, that bike was my first custom project. Took everything apart, saved only the necessary parts, painted it my favorite color. That day I built my first custom part, I took a piece of steel tube, cut it to size and then replace the old tourist handlebar. It wasn’t much but it was different. I started dreaming about building bicycles. First it was the dream, then it was the plan. Got my welding engineering diploma, then the certification and the skills required to cut, shape and weld the metal. After years of study, research and testing I created the CRISTIAN Cycles project. Steel frames handcrafted with traditional methods combined with modern high tech components gives you a great feeling riding this bikes.  An child dream almost impossible at some point, ment to be shared with others.  Like the bikes, ride the bikes and share the joy!